What We Do

At Devlan Solutions LTD, we specialize in a certain continuum of business system solutions, and it is via this approach that we are able to supply and guarantee top-tier quality services to our clients. Furthermore, our company ideology is guided by offering sturdy, proven, and scalable solutions and services that match industry standards, building solid allies with top ranking IT giants as well as our devoted clients.

Web Design And Development

We use cutting-edge web technology to provide remarkably, high-quality, and cost-effective web development and design services. Web Development Services are specifically tailored to fit the needs of clients and their company objectives. We have acquired commercial footing by conveying top - notch web apps with sophisticated functions.

Custom Software & Mobile Applications Development

We are a top-rated software and mobile app development firm with extensive experience in building and delivering bug-free products to our clients. We offer a full-stack mobile application development solution within your budget and within the time limit you choose. We ensure that the lifecycle process is as smooth as possible, from concept generation to final deployment on the play store/app store. Whether you want to create a native app or a hybrid app, our mobile app development team can provide a cutting-edge solution to meet your needs. We never compromise on quality and work hard to maximize performance via the use of intuitive UI/UX design to give the finest mobile experience.

Computer Networking Services

We give excellent quality service by creating sturdy, secure, and high-performing computer network solutions that deliver the greatest user experience. We have years of experience in the bespoke networking field and our team is skilled at developing complicated solutions to meet the changing demands of the organization. Using cutting-edge technology and the most recent industry trends, our team can install a fully functioning and feature-rich solution for organizations to successfully drive growth.

IT Security

We have collaborated with top-tier computer security corporations to create an integrated and leak proof IT Security solutions based on our business suite. We also provide a comprehensive portfolio of superior defensive and internal solutions that enable businesses to conduct commercial activities.

Software As Service E-Commerce Solutions

Our software development team has vast experience and expertise in delivering web-based software as a service solutions based on various technologies such as the ASP.net platforms, PHP, Ruby, and Python. We have the knowledge and enthusiasm to give our clients with easy and efficient internet solutions.

IT Consultancy & Training Services

We aid coporations, organizations and businesses unlock their market potential by conducting trainings and educating them on how to invest in IT innovations and solutions thus making their day to day operations efficient.

Business Intelligency Automation & Payment Gateways Integration

We have a strong interest in utilizing business processes, and our professional staff is capable of integrating our clients' diverse systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation while also increasing visibility and information exchange. In addition, we automate, protect, and conceal payment methods and processes, increasing client pleasure.

ICT Equipments Supply Services

We are able to supply and implement ICT equipments and services with the right front-end and back-end infrastructure for our clients thanks to our long-standing and broad agreements with world's major desktop and mobile device manufacturers. We go above and beyond by providing effective administration solutions for these equipments in order to guarantee that both the user experience and the management work of these equipments is pleasant and seamless.

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

We have collaborated with top-tier technology companies such as Microsoft, Odoo, and Oracle to create integrated enterprise solutions based on our business suite. This solution enables firms to manage a wide variety of areas such as financials, budgeting, supply chain management, human resource management, manufacturing, and service and project management, among others, in a flexible and effective manner.

Graphic Design Services

Our creative graphics design solutions for brand representation are as strategic as the research input. Investing in a strong brand identity draws customers and increases their loyalty.

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